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K Line - Full Service Aligner Manufacturer

“We are obsessed with our customer’s journey! Our goal is to let you focus on your expansion while we take care of your manufacturing. As your trusted full service aligner manufacturer, K Line offers advantages at a whole different level” These were the words Dr. Sherif Kandil has highlighted in his blogs and interviews.

The mission is to provide the best aligners, highest quality material and customized treatment plans to fit every patient at an affordable cost. Through the extensive experience in manufacturing for private label brands, a strong commitment and reliable partner is ensured for your business success. Read more to find out from which services you can benefit with K Line, what makes us different and why you should choose us as your clear aligner provider.

K Line provides three different service packages through which it is ensured to meet everyone’s needs:

The first package is called “Treatment Plan” in which high quality 3D treatment plans are designed exclusively for your patients by experienced professionals, while initial assessments are being done as well.

The “Private Label” package adds up on top an innovative 3D printing technology with customized trim lines and finishing. This means your aligners are getting manufactured by us as well as their laser marking step is being done by us.

Our last package called “All-in-One” is a service with trusted suppliers and designers in which we give the full support from treatment plans over aligners to packages and branding. All the other services named before are included in this package as well but contains boxes and pouches, marketing materials, treatment accessories as well as an access to our online doctor’s portal on top for a 100% comfortable service by us.

What makes us different from other clear aligner providers is that we strive for delivering high quality and efficiency for an affordable price, so everyone can have access to his or her perfect smile. While we’ve already manufactured two million aligners till date, our founders and experts have a decent experience of 12 years in the field of clear aligners.


Concerning our prices, we skimmed our margins as much as possible to make your orthodontic treatment as affordable as possible for your patients. In comparison, other clear aligner providers costs are around 30% higher.

Material properties & All-In-One System

Through our special material properties consisting of a multilayered aligner with high resistance to staining it is ensured to be responsible for 40% less pain and 200% force retention compared to other aligners.

On top, the All-in-One system is very important to us since we put extra care to ensure that our doctors find almost all what they need in the same aligner box, including chewies, aligner-remover, aligner-file and much more.

Delivery Time

Three days is all it takes to deliver a treatment plan from our side and 10 to 14 days for aligners to be shipped from our facility. Thus, we can guarantee up to almost three times faster delivery service than other aligner providers, which need 14-21 days in comparison.

We are also offering prime services, from which you can benefit to get your aligners in much shorter periods of time (3 days) as well as discounts and other prime services.

Moreover, K Line offers a WhatsApp-Service, which means that you are always able to send pictures. Many of our clients love to send photos of their cases while their patients are even still sitting on the dental chair. This ensures a quick verbal assessment and makes sure to save time and work smarter whenever it is possible.

German quality has never been so accessible and affordable. Come and visit the coziest and warmest clear aligner manufacturing team in Düsseldorf and convince yourself about the benefits of working with K Line.


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