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Clear Aligner White-Labeling Business VS DIY Clear Aligners

The clear aligner solution for teeth straightening has been on a meteoric rise lately. It has crossed all records of growth in the dental field that used to be possessed in the last 20 years with nothing more than implants and robotically milled crowns! Now, the dust settled, and it is clearer than ever where the whole dental industry is moving next.

Dr. Sherif Kandil is the CEO and fourman based B2B supplier of clear aligners, working with doctors and professionals in the industry. Before I share with you what Dr. Kandil did throughout COVID-19 and what his success story looks like, let us have a look at some heads-up about the modern market evolution first.

The growth of the clear aligner market created a wave that changed many dependent businesses and even affected significantly the value chain of clear aligners. The modern changes that happened in the last 5 years chronologically as follows:

  1. DTC clear aligner businesses (direct-to-consumer companies) introduce a new innovation of a clear aligner treatment, provided to patients from home. This method portrays the trend by creating an alternative to in-office orthodontic treatments, since these companies supply patients with an in-home impression kit and substitute receiving treatment from an established practice.

  2. Orthodontics strike back with offering in-office or at-home clear aligner manufacturing.

  3. More and more dentists adopt clear aligner treatments in their practices as well.

  4. COVID-19 hits the world and economy through which it establishes a favoring cutting edge to DTC clear aligner providers.

Starting with number one, the most significant changes in business models were the adoption of many companies to the direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model. It allows to send an impression kit to the patient and conduct orthodontic treatment from home at a very affordable price point. This business model was introduced by the Smiledirect club first in 2014 on a massive scale and then followed by many copycats worldwide. This model which is sometimes also named DTC, B2C or DIY clear aligners – had huge acceptance by end-users and huge fightback by professionals. In spite, Dr. Kandil did not believe in the long-term business model survival, as it lacks intellectual property and uniqueness, it is till this moment still very successfully executed in many countries worldwide.

Another rising potential is the in-office or at-home clear aligner manufacturing. Many orthodontics adopted a counter-strike strategy by manufacturing clear aligners in the office and thus ditching the lab fees and bringing the price of treatments at an affordable point to make orthodontics come nearer to the price point offered by DTC clear aligner providers.

After COVID-19 hit the world by surprise, many technologically based solutions dominated the stage! The DTC clear aligner businesses increased their momentum of growth and started to dominate the stage once again. It makes sense! So, will things get back to normal after COVID-19 eventually gets resolved? Dr. Kandil does not so.solution!So,Keven Invisalign, ORMCO, Dentsply Sirona and others. But, we have adopted a strategy to work with DTC companies and even in-house manufacturing practices.

K Line Europe has been growing rapidly, producing clear aligners for numerous other clear aligner providers. Our company holds the capacity of over 50,000 aligners per month and has the goal to reach 150,000 clear aligners monthly, thus i.e. almost two million clear aligners to be produced by 2021.

K Line Europe positions itself as an OEM provider that could provide from simple solutions to end-to-end solutions for DTC companies as well as in-house aligner manufacturing. For more information about us, just click the following link ABOUT | privatelabel (

We are determined to be not only the biggest but also the most lovable and popular clear aligner provider in the EMEA region. With K Line’s investments in automation, additive manufacturing, and robotics it has moved a step further ahead of competition, which makes us sure to reach our goals and even surpass them.


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